About US

We believe in giving back

We began this art project as a way of being able to share our love for the ocean with others. By providing an affordable option to purchasing unique art. But also, to come up with a business that could give back to the ocean and to help protect it. Since day 1 we have pledged 20% of all proceeds from our art will go back to organizations protecting the ocean and it's creatures. The charities rotate every 6 months, but the goal of protecting the ocean that we love is the primary goal.


This half of the year (Jul-Dec 2018) we are giving our donations to Malama Kauai to help the island of Kauai after the recent flooding that destroyed a major part of the North Shore (specifically Hanalei). To learn more about Malama Kauai, check out their website to see how you too can help:  http://www.malamakauai.org/mk/kauai-flood-relief/


Ian Coble is an award winning commercial/ advertising photographer based in Seattle, Los Angeles and Hawaii. You've probably seen his work before for companies like Michelob, Amazon, Nikon, Red Bull, Patagonia and many, many others. Ian still shoots commercial work full time, but the "Ian Coble Water" brand was launched as a way of showcasing the work he shoots for fun.